"Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need."Mary Baker Eddy

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Emergence International
Emergence Conference, St. Louis, Missouri October 1-4.

Ivy Goulart's new documentary Alem da Luz (Beyond the Light)
Meeting of Thursday May 14, 2009 will not be held at 8PM at the Center to allow members to attend the debut of Ivy Goulart's new documentary Alem da Luz (Beyond the Light). The location is the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts, 240 East 52 Street at 7PM.

Finding the Light
A Christian Science testimony in both English and Portuguese.

Becoming More Effective Healers
Emergence International's 2005 conference in Tempe, AZ. Read more on their web site.

New Book on GLBT Christian Scientists.
Read more on the Emergence International web site.

Gay Christian Scientists seek a warmer welcome
Bay Windows, October 21, 2004 edition, by Linda Rodriguez

Weekly Meetings

Our group meets every Thursday night between 8 and 9 p.m. at:

The Lesbian & Gay
Community Services Center

208 West 13th Street, NYC
Phone: (347) 201-0262
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